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Solar Power Bahamas

Energy transition from fossil fuels to solar power will enable us to meet today's energy demand without compromising tomorrow’s reserves.

Solar energy

Shaping the future

Solar power is anticipated to become the world's largest source of electricity by 2050. Government policy and investor confidence are backing this growth sector that has the potential to bring about systemic change.

The benefits of converting a renewable local resource like solar energy into an affordable, vital commodity are substantial: increasing energy independence; regulating fossil fuel prices; reducing pollution, waste products and the collateral costs of global warming; improving environmental and human health; generating employment and promoting education & skills training.

Sustainable Energy Ltd. provides high-end turnkey solar energy and battery storage solutions

Power and site studies

Engineering and Design
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Construction / Installation

Operation & Maintenance

Sustainable Energy Ltd.

Sustainable Energy Ltd. (SE) was established as a Bahamian company for the purpose of becoming the leading local developer of large-scale solar power and sustainable energy storage in the Bahamas and Family Islands. SE is to install and operate its own solar energy parks, delivering energy to its clients at a fixed rate over long-term contracts of 15+ years. We combine the expertise of APS and CTE-IPC, two companies with a complementary focus on renewable energy.

SE has also partnered with Alpha Energy, a member of the Alpha group to provide additional technical expertise and outstanding procurement capabilities.

Both our name and our company ethos lay claim to improving the future of the Bahamas by investing from the set in the directive shared by the Government:

“Consider environmental Impact and ensure that all future work is designed for sustainable development.”

Working Together

In collaboration with the local Bahamian Government, public institutions and the business community, SE aims to provide bespoke renewable energy solutions that will convert one of the island’s abundant natural resources into an inexhaustible commodity for the Bahamas and its Family Islands.


One of our key advantages is our freedom to optimise technological and financial strategies without being tied to one supplier or vendor, enabling us to source multi-product solutions that provide the best fit. The same advantage applies to project-specific financial solutions.

Human Energy

The creation of affordable, clean and renewable energies will be about harnessing more than just Bahamian solar power: in addition to employment, SE is committed to providing education and technology training in a new growth sector that is also a global industry of the future.
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By comparison

With an estimated 40% of the population in Bangladesh having no access to electricity, the government introduced a scheme known as solar home systems (SHS) to provide electricity to households with no grid access. The program reached 3 million households as of late 2014 and, with more than 50,000 systems being added per month since 2009, the World Bank has called it "the fastest growing solar home system program in the world."

(Source: Reuters, Pantho Rahaman (2015-01- 25). "Bangladesh aims to be world’s 'first solar nation”)

SE believes this to be a completely viable solution that can be emulated in the Bahamas and Family Islands

SE believes in privileging the Bahamian worker

Education & job creation

As a local business, SE believes in privileging the Bahamian worker and is committed to promoting knowledge transfer for the next generation through education and employment opportunities.


SE has partnered with the Bahamas Technological & Vocational Training Institute (BTVI) to provide certified courses in renewable energy. The BTVI Solar Energy Certification (BTVI-SEC) will be taught by SE Solar Experts.

SE has donated a state-of- the-art solar system to BTVI as the training tool for all solar courses. SE will award annual scholarships for the BTVI-SEC course to promising candidates SE supports equal opportunity gender representation


On successful completion of the BTVI curriculum, exceptional graduates will be offered employment opportunities at SE to grow their qualifications within a global growth industry.

Solar Bahamas

It's about time

“We have proved the commercial profit of sun power in the tropics and have more particularly proved that after our stores of oil and coal are exhausted, the human race can receive unlimited power from the rays of the sun.”

(Frank Shuman, New York Times, July 2 1916)
Frank Shuman, inventor of the first solar engine in 1897

Key Partners

Sustainable Energy brings together APS and CTE-IPC, two companies with decades of expertise and know-how in the field of solar, clean and sustainable energy.


Alternative Power Supply (APS) is the leading Renewable Energy company in the Bahamas. It is a 100% Bahamian-owned and staffed company with 26 years of Solar installations dating back to 1991. APS has developed award-winning designs and installs some of the largest high-end, residential off-grid systems in the world.

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CTE-IPC tailors bespoke Renewable Energy solutions for its clients, pairing the industry knowledge of renewable energy consultant CleanTech Energies Limited with its affiliated Investment & Portfolio Consultants Limited, regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

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Alpha Energy

Alpha Energy is a member The Alpha Group which is an alliance of global companies sharing a common philosophy - to create world-class powering solutions. Alpha pioneered the concept of reliable, uninterruptible power for communications and broadband networks, and in the process has set a 35-year legacy of visionary, market-driven power solutions. Today, Alpha continues to focus on providing the most reliable, innovative and efficient powering solutions available as evidenced by the size and loyalty of its global customer base.

Alpha Energy was created as the answer to meeting the unsolved power needs of utility, commercial and remote users across all sectors including Micro Grids of all sizes, and is the logical and natural extension of the Alpha Group’s collective technological and manufacturing expertise as a global power solutions leader. Recognized as a global innovator in packaging renewable energy technology into turnkey systems almost from its inception, Alpha Energy has earned a reputation for unparalleled EPC performance in Total Power Solutions.

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Sustainable Energy Executive Management

Zev Crystal

Chief Executive Officer

As co-founder of Investment & Portfolio Consultants Limited (IPC) and CleanTech Energies Limited (CTE), both incorporated in 1995, Zev and his brother David Crystal each bring over...read more

Philip Holdom

Chief Technology Officer

Philip Holdom has been active in the Renewable Energy Business for 27 years. As a pioneering proponent of Renewable Energy, Mr. Holdom has lectured and advised extensively in the United States and...read more

Bryan Glinton

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan is a founding partner and former managing partner of the law firm of Glinton Sweeting O’Brien and serves as the Chair of the firm’s Private Client Group. He holds a degree in Finance...read more

David Crystal


As co-founder of Investment & Portfolio Consultants Limited (IPC) and CleanTech Energies Limited (CTE), both incorporated in 1995, David and his brother Zev Crystal each bring over...read more

Gord Petroski

VP Alpha Energy

Gord Petroski is a passionate RE professional with more than 30 years of experience in Solar and Renewable Energy for bothOn Grid and Off Grid as an installer, system designer,product manager and business...read more

Julien Jeannet

Structuring Advisor

Julien has reviewed over 35 power project opportunities in the last 3 years across diverse solar, wind, gas, hydro and coal technologies in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). He has extensive experience...read more

Len Watson


Len joined Investment & Portfolio Consultants (IPC) in 1996 as a portfolio manager. With over 31 years of trading and investment banking experience, Len has managed global portfolios in...read more

Community - Power for the People

SE will manage charitable initiatives funded from profits and will give donations, as well as proceeds from local and international fundraisers. In the first instance, the aim will be to supply solar back-up power to community clinics, hospitals and schools in the main and Family Islands.

This infrastructural upliftment complements SE’s contributions to education and training spearheaded by the founding of the Bahamas Technological & Vocational Training Institute (BTVI…read more) curriculum, certification and scholarship programme, scheduled to begin in October 2017.

News - Press

Btvi Outfitted For Renewable Courses

January 15 2018

A BAHAMIAN renewable energy provider has begun to outfit the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) to offer solar courses...read more

Group Teams With Btvi On Renewable Energy Studies

January 15 2018

A renewable energy group has agreed to donate a solar system to the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Training Institute (BTVI)...read more

Sustainable Energy is a keynote presenter at the 27th Annual Business Outlook

January 12 2018

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